Beyond the House

Old Main
The historic building's front lawn was the site of an emotionally riveting presidential campaign stop for Bill Clinton on October 23, 1992. Advised that it would be a waste of time and that he should move on to the undecided states, Clinton insisted he visit Fayetteville. He spoke to an enormous crowd of friends and supporters, reminiscing about his days here.

Farmers' Market
Rub elbows with area farmers and artisans on Fayetteville's Downtown Square every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning from April through mid-November. Choose from the best of locally grown vegetables, fruits, plants, flowers and crafts.

Waterman Hall
Established in 1952, this hall is home to the U of A School of Law where Clinton taught from 1973 to 1976. In 1973, Clinton recommended the hiring of Hillary Rodham, who joined the faculty in 1974.

Historical Marker
This marker, located in front of the School of Law on Maple, commemorates the Clintons' attendance in the mid-1970's. It is part of a series of markers dedicated throughout the campus in 1999 to commemorate significant events and people.

Senator J.W. Fulbright Sculpture
Senator Fulbright was a role model and eventual employer of Bill Clinton, best known for his expertise in foreign affairs. In 1993, Clinton presented him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, just two years before his death. At the dedication of the statue in 2002, Clinton spoke about Fulbright's hiring of Clinton by saying, "Had I not received that fateful phone call in 1966, I never would have become president."

Pig Trail Scenic Byway
This 19-mile scenic byway in the beautiful Boston Mountains is a short drive packed with gorgeous scenery, twisting turns and choice outdoor recreation. In his autobiography, My Life, Clinton mentioned how this road was "such a beautiful drive." Take Highway 16 East from Fayetteville to Brashears and follow Highway 23.


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